Our company is principally engaged in the sale of various feed. Primarily bioethanol, the iso sugar and corn oil dregs distribution. Main products include DDGS and CORNEX. We have over 30 years domestic and international experience in animal feeding which provides a professional background.


Learn more about CORNEX:

CORNEX is an extremely valuable kind of feeding produced from maize germ with high protein and bypass protein content. It's high energy comes from it's sugar starch, fibre and oil content therefore it provides continuous and steady energy supply. Feeding CORNEX improves the digestibility of the feed consumed and loading of the digestive system can be reduced, which is important for all animal species.

A germ contains all micro-nutrients, vitamins and other biologically active substances needed to begin life in high quantity and balanced proportion therefore it's contribution to growth and to increase animals resistance is outstanding.

CORNEX can be fed to swine, ruminants and poultry. It's sweet smell and taste make it desirable.

Nutritional values

crude protein

crude fibre 10%
crude fat 2.5%
ash 3%
sugar 0.8%
moisture 10%
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